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This is a little something I found completly by accident. I found it here. ~Mizu-Taji I added some questions of my own at the end. For all you role players out there, whose character's have their own voices in your head, this is for you!

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most. (I used 6. couldn't chose)
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

Jenny Cronos (main alter ego, raised in our real world, reluctant savior of my own made up world)
Kira Bree (White leopard girl <not full anthro muzzle>
Ruby Flame (Full anthro ruby fire fox)
Shadow (Full anthro panther with raven wings. 1/2 succubus altered by her mage "father")
Lord Richard (Ruling winged unicorn over my world)
Juniper (anthro cheetah sex slave)

How old are you?
Jenny: I don't believe that is any of your business.
Kira: Um... 18 to 20 I think. I age different, but that should be about right.
Ruby: Come a little closer and I'll tell you. *coos softly*
Shadow: Don't care.
Richard: I would be 125 of your Earth years. We live a long time so I would be the equivalent to a 25 year old Earth male.
Juniper: Age? Last I knew I was 18... but I have no way of knowing for sure right now.

What's your height?
Jenny: 5'7, why?
Kira: I'm 5'4! But I may still grow.
Ruby: Tall enough for you... but actually 5'8 last I checked.
Shadow: Don't care, ask Jenny. (Jenny responds, "6'0")
Richard: In my true form? About 14 hands I think. That's is how you normally measure your equines, correct? Human, 6'2.
Juniper: I don't know. Want to measure me?

Do you have any bad habits?
Jenny: Nightmares. Some tell me I keep people at to much of an emotional distance... This is private right?
Kira: Bad habits? Ummmm.... Well if someone gets aroused near me I can smell their pheromones. It causes.. um.. interesting reactions.
Ruby: Sorry, dear. Don't know you That well yet.
Shadow: Some might say feeding off people, but no bad habits that I know of.
Richard: I'm not the warrior my dad was. I am to soft at times.
Juniper: I daydream... but I try really hard not to.

Are you a virgin?
Jenny: Non of your concern. You will never get close enough to find out.
Kira: What's that?
Ruby: *purrs* What do you think?
Shadow: No but not many of my lovers are still alive. *purrs darkly*
Richard: *blush* Um, no. I'm looking for a wife actually.
Juniper: No, why would I be?

Who's your mate/spouse?
Jenny: Depends on which role play I'm in. Normally, a shadow dragon by the name of Metavo
is my mate, but I've been known to be with an anthro white tiger named Charvale, but we never marry.
Kira: Mate? Don't have one, but I hope to one day. *looks dreamy*
Ruby: Are you propositioning?
Shadow: Haven't found a mate to survive me yet.
Richard: I'm still looking.
Juniper: I'm allowed to have a mate?

Do you have any kids?
Jenny: I have an adopted gold/silver dragoness named Lurlei. She's MORE than enough! Lurlei! GET DOWN FROM THERE THIS INSTANT!
Kira: Nope, but I hope to one day.
Ruby: *laughs* No dear, not yet. Do I look that old?
Shadow: Not currently. Do you really want more of me? The world can't handle one of me, let alone my prodigy.
Richard: I hope to have an heir one day.
Juniper: I'm supposed to have kids?

What's your favorite food?
Jenny: A good well made prime rib, but nothing can replace venison.
Kira: I like rabbit stew! Yum!
Ruby: Red dragon with some fire spice wine.
Shadow: The taste of a man's life force in the throws of pleasure just before orgasm just before I gut him.
Richard: Sweet honey grass.
Juniper: Anything other than the gruel they give me to eat.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Jenny: Could anyone love just one?
Kira: Mint chocolate chip! You have some?
Ruby: Strawberries and cream with cherries on top. *slowly licks lips*
Shadow: Dark chocolate cherry and french vanilla, but I didn't tell you that.
Richard: I prefer chocolate brownie.
Juniper: What's ice cream?

Have you killed anyone?
Jenny: Yes, but only when I had no other choice.
Kira: NO, of course not!
Ruby: No, but I've sent some to the healer's before.
Shadow: What do you think?
Richard: No, not currently and I hope I never have to.
Juniper: No, no, no, never! *looks scared*

Do you hate anyone?
Jenny: Yes, and I'll leave it at that.
Kira: Hate?... I don't think I could hate anyone.
Ruby: Possibly, but I chose not to think about it.
Shadow: Does it count if they're dead?
Richard: None of your concern.
Juniper: *eyes look around nervous* O.. of course not!

Have any secrets?
Jenny: We all have secrets.
Kira: Like what exactly? I'm good at keeping secrets!
Ruby: If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret then, now would it?
Shadow: My life. Are you brave enough to find out?
Richard: No. *looks bland*
Juniper: No! I would never hid Anything! *looks around terrified now*

Do you love anyone?
Jenny: It has been known to happen.
Kira: Love? Not in a relationship kinda' way, but I hope to one day. I love all my friends!
Ruby: *shrug* My family I suppose.
Shadow: Possibly....
Richard: I love my world, but I have high hopes for a future mate.
Juniper: What's love?

Boy or girl?
Jenny: Are you that dense?
Kira: I'm a girl, silly.
Ruby: All woman...
Shadow: Female.
Richard: I'm a male.
Juniper: A girl last I checked.

(These are the questions a friend of mine and I added..)

What is the hardest thing you've ever had to do?
Jenny: Escape from the labs that held me captive.
Kira: Leave the only home I knew in the mountains with my dwarven family, and go out on my own to make my way in the world.
Ruby: Let a nice guy "go" because he would be better off with another girl than with me.
Shadow: Escape my captors, and then learn to live on my own.
Richard: Let the woman I loved go because she couldn't love me back.
Juniper: Go down on a man that smelled and looked foul.

Have you ever lost control? Emotional, psychological, physical, etc..
Jenny: Yes. I mentally melted the technological equipment that was monitoring me. My rage was so intense that I made the room radio active.
Kira: Um... once. *blush* I'm not going to talk about it.
Ruby: Yes. Can you say crispy critter?
Shadow: Mmmm, blood bath. Best time of my life.
Richard: No, not in that manor.
Juniper: No, I'm trained better than that.

What is your favorite color?
Jenny: Blue, it's calming.
Kira: Pink! It's the greatest!
Ruby: Why, Ruby red of course.
Shadow: Black, naturally
Richard: Prism, all the colors of my world
Juniper: Favorite color? Uh... sky blue I guess.

What is your favorite activity or hobby?
Jenny: Reading
Kira: Talking with friends, and running through the forest naked!
Ruby: Licking chocolate off of some one, or having them lick it off me.
Shadow: Do you really want to know?
Richard: Flying through the skys of my world.
Juniper: Pleasing my Mistress or Master in what ever way they desire.

What do you normally wear?
Jenny: Tee-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes
Kira: Nothing if I can help it, but in town I wear a loose shirt and traveling pants. Soft fabric if I have it.
Ruby: Tight halter top, and skin tight short shorts preferably cut offs so they unravel.
Shadow: Either nothing, or comfortably snug forest green top and shorts. I must have room to move silently. No loud fabrics.
Richard: My normal form doesn't require clothes. My human form I wear my comfortable princes attire. Shirt, pants, cloak, boots.
Juniper: Barely covering tattered sleeve less top, and barely covering wrap around skirt.

Do you have any family? If so, what are their names?
Jenny: Lurlei is my only family aside from Metavo, Charvale, or other friends.
Kira: I have my adopted family of dwarves. They all helped to raise me.
Ruby: My mother Silver Flame, and my sister Loretta.
Shadow: No family. Jenny is the closest thing I even have to a friend. Who needs 'em?
Richard: None. My father and mother are dead, and I have no siblings.
Juniper: None that I know of.

Do you have any pets?
Jenny: No, I can't have a pet. I travel to much.
Kira: Not yet, but I'd like one.
Ruby: No, pets are annoying.
Shadow: By pet do you mean soon to be dinner?
Richard: I don't have time for pets. I have to rule an entire realm.
Juniper: I was never allowed to have a pet.

Who is your role model?
Jenny: No one specific.
Kira: My nanna was my role model growing up.
Ruby: My mom, I guess.
Shadow: Don't have one, and don't care to.
Richard: My father. His shoes are some big ones to fill.
Juniper: My trainers, naturally.

What is the scariest thing you ever had to do?
Jenny: Confront my fear of white lab coats.
Kira: Drive my little home made space ship by myself, and then try to land it safely when it started to crash.
Ruby: Meet my dad for the first time in my life.
Shadow: Scared? I'm never scared.
Richard: Confront the fact that both my parents were dead, and I was alone to rule.
Juniper: Teach some of the younger slaves the "art." They are so innocent at first.....

What creature are you?
Jenny: Human, but I found out I'm also a winged unicorn. That still feels so surreal to me.
Kira: Snow leopard shifter.
Ruby: Anthro fire fox, of course.
Shadow: Half shadow panther, half succubus.
Richard: Rare Winged Unicorn who can turn human.
Juniper: I'm a cheetah person.

Do you wield weapons? If so, what is your favorite?
Jenny: My mind. I'm a psyonic.
Kira: My claws. It comes naturally.
Ruby: Fire balls. Hahaha! Run little people, Fear me!
Shadow: Whip... smooth, elegant, but deadly.
Richard: My long sword, or my horn.
Juniper: I can't fight...

Do you know any other languages?
Jenny: Yes, to many to count.
Kira: Um, I know common, dwarven, halfling, and Gnome.
Ruby: Just common. Everyone knows common.
Shadow: I know plenty, but I'm not telling you.
Richard: I know at least 25 languages native to my world. It's tedious.
Juniper: Um, just one. Common.

Describe the world you are from.
Jenny: Technological, closed minded, powerful corrupted politicians, and ignorant normal people.
Kira: It's colorful filled with mountains, caves, hills, and forests. Nothing is like home.
Ruby: Chaotic. You never know what will happen or what you will see. Always have to be on your toes.
Shadow: .....
Richard: Filled with color and wonder. Dark or light it is completely varied. It's made up of the dreams from other worlds.
Juniper: Limited. I don't know much about it.

Describe yourself in five words or less.
Jenny: Burdened, cautious, caring, intelligent, and lost
Kira: Fun loving, playful, and creative!
Ruby: Sexy of course. Intelligent woman.
Shadow: Hunter, predator, dark, vicious, seductress
Richard: Honorable, loyal, dedicated, and fair.
Juniper: Skilled and always willing.

Describe your Arthur in your own words.
Jenny: Varied. She is always expanding herself, and me in the process.
Kira: Fun! I'm hoping to be made into a My Little Pony soon for her new role play! *crosses fingers hoping*
Ruby: Don't have any author. I control my own destiny.
Shadow: Repressed. *evil grin* I am her dark outlet, and I like having her feel me inside her. *purrs deeply*
Richard: A lot like me, only in a different world and female.
Juniper: Author? *looks confused*

What is your occupation if you have one?
Jenny: I make sure the world I'm in stays balanced, and I write books.
Kira: Occupation... um... er... Adventurer!
Ruby: Exotic Dancer
Shadow: Boogie woman to make kids eat their vegetables, and make grown men wet their pants.
Richard: I am a ruler. It is my life.
Juniper: I'm a sex slave.

Anyone who reads this can make one of their own. It's lots of fun, and I highly recomend it! Enjoy!
This is a character survey that I did. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to take the questions, and do the survey yourself.
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